Marianna Fiotaki

Marianna Fiotaki

Dance and Movement Therapist


Marianna Fiotaki is a Dance Movement Therapist (MA in Dance Movement Therapy, Autonomous University of Barcelona). Since 2020 she continues her professional training, as an Existential Psychotherapist, at the Hellenic Society of Existential Psychotherapy, Yignesthai.

She has worked, both in Greece and in Spain, in day centres and structures, offering group and individual sessions of choreokinetic therapy to patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, to adults with mental retardation and mental disorders, as well as to children, adolescents and adult refugees. She is currently collaborating, offering dance movement therapy sessions, both in a group and individual setting, with the Melissa Migrant Women’s Network, the EPIPSI Day Center, and the Therapeutic Path Therapy Office. She continuously updates her practice by participating in international conferences, seminars and workshops.

Her approach focuses on the uniqueness of each individual and their experiences, with a central focus on creative work with the body and movement, combined with speech and other art forms such as painting and music.