Maria Lazaridou

Maria Lazaridou

Psychiatrist – Psychotherapist
Head of Psychiatrist Department


Since September 2018, she has been offering her services, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team, at “Vima Koino”, aiming to meet the overall mental health needs of clients and their families.

She has maintained a private practice since 2004

She worked at the Society for Social Psychiatry and Mental Health (CSP&MH), as the Society’s Scientific Director, until October 2018.

She applies psychoanalytic approach (psychoanalytic psychotherapies and psychoanalysis).

She has extensive experience in working with patients suffering from severe psychiatric disorders, but also with more simple psychosocial issues and their families. In the diagnosis, development of treatment plans and treatment (pharmacological or psychotherapeutic, depending on the needs) of psychiatric disorders. She has extensive experience working in the community, implementing prevention programs, mental health promotion and integrated interventions to avoid hospitalization and recover overall social integration and psychosomatic well-being

She also has experience in training and supervision of mental health professionals.

Member of the Hellenic Psychiatric Society, candidate member of the Hellenic Psychoanalytic Society (HPSS) and member of IPSO (International Psychoanalytic Students Organization)