Evi Doutsia

Evi Doutsia

Counseling Psychologist


Evi Doutsia holds a PhD in psychotherapy and counselling psychology from the University of Surrey (2017), is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a member of the UK Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

She is trained in the humanistic approach (with an existential-phenomenological orientation), psychodynamic approach, cognitive analytic therapy, as well as behavioural family therapy in psychosis and third generation cognitive-behavioural therapies. In addition, she has been trained in administering, scoring and interpreting results of the Greek weighted version of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV GR) for individuals aged 16 years and older.

She has worked at the Day Centre of the Panhellenic Association of Families for Mental Health (2008-2011), at the University Psychiatric Clinic of the GONK “Agioi Anargyroi” (2012-2013) and at the National Health System (NHS) of M. (2013-2016) in community and hospital-based mental health settings (St. Peter’s Hospital) at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.

She has worked with adults dealing with a wide range of psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, adjustment and integration problems, relationship and communication issues. She has also worked with more complex problems in the context of a diagnosis of a borderline personality disorder, for example, persistent depression, alcohol and/or substance abuse and parasympathetic behaviours.

As a counselling psychologist, her clinical practice is pluralistic and research-based, while tailoring treatment according to the preferences and characteristics of the client.

She provides sessions in Greek and English.

She maintains a private office and collaborates with the interdisciplinary team at Vima Koino.