Vocational Guidance

Vocational Guidance

Career Guidance & Management Programme for Adolescents



The Vocational Guidance and Career Management Programme for Adolescents is a comprehensive counselling approach that helps adolescents to identify their interests and abilities in order to make the right choices for their studies and careers, but most importantly to realise their potential and be happy and satisfied with their choices.

The programme focuses on the teenager’s self-awareness before choosing a course of study, the skills they need to develop, research and information about studies and job opportunities at national or international level, as well as managing the stress of exams.



Through the counselling process, adolescents:

  • Know themselves better (personality, values, interests, interests, aptitude, talents and strengths, abilities).
  • They are informed about the different professions and the prospects on the labour market.
  • They choose the school and studies that really interest them and will help them in their professional career.
  • They clarify and set short-term and long-term goals.
  • Plan and implement appropriate actions to achieve these goals.
  • Develop necessary skills.
  • They learn to manage and reduce the stress they feel about exams.



Benefits for adolescents

Through the Vocational Guidance & Career Management programme, teens will:

  • Better understand themselves and their interests.
  • Explore alternatives and opportunities for study and careers.
  • Make better choices.
  • Discover which occupation matches their personality and interests and what opportunities the labour market offers.
  • Feel more confident and at peace.



 Career Management Program for New Entrants to the Labor Market



The Career Management Program for New Entrants to the Labor Market is a comprehensive approach to employment counseling. Through discussions with a counselor and the provision of specialized tools, the program guides the client to make the right choices regarding the professional role or postgraduate studies that interest them.

Specifically, the counseling process guides the client to recognize their interests, values, and abilities with the aim of increasing self-awareness, as well as recognizing job search behavior, motivations, and career readiness and the skills they need to develop. It also provides guidance on the process of researching and informing about job opportunities in the labor market, both nationally and internationally. The process also includes the creation or renewal of the CV, preparation for the job interview, and the creation of a professional profile on LinkedIn.

The counseling process is complemented by mindfulness techniques for managing the stress and anxiety that job seekers often feel.



Through the program, the client:

  • Gets to know themselves better (personality, interests, aptitude, talents and strengths, abilities).
  • Learns about the different professional roles and prospects in the labor market.
  • Clarifies and sets short-term and long-term goals within the framework of a personal development plan.
  • Creates or updates their CV.
  • Practices common interview questions and types and learns to present themselves effectively.
  • Learns to manage the stress and anxiety they feel about the interview.


Benefits for Participants

  • Understand themselves better.
  • Explore alternative career options and opportunities.
  • Discover the professional roles that match their personality and interests and get information regarding the labor market.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Lay the foundation for their personal and professional development.
  • Feel more confident.
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