Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

The WAIS-IV is the most valid and comprehensive tool for measuring intelligence and assessing cognitive functions, both in Greece and around the world. It is the most frequently used ability assessment scale worldwide. It is the latest version of the intelligence testing tool developed by Wechsler since the 1940s. The translation into Greek and the standardization of the WAIS-IV for the Greek population was completed in 2013 by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The WAIS-IV consists of 15 subtests, which are administered to the person being evaluated, of which 10 are core and 5 supplementary. The tool produces four composite indices: the Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI), the Perceptual Reasoning Index (PRI), the Working Memory Index (WMI), and the Processing Speed Index (PSI). The composition of these indices produces the General Intelligence Index (GII), which is known to the general public as IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

At the “Vima Koino” Center for Integrated Mental Health Services, we offer the possibility of administering the tool, with a full report of the results, for any legal use, by a certified psychologist-evaluator. The duration of the evaluation varies depending on the response of each person being evaluated and can range from one to three hours approximately. In general, we try to complete the evaluation in one session, but there is also the possibility of more sessions if this is deemed better for the examinee.

The WAIS-IV has many applications and uses and can be used for different populations. It is administered to individuals over the age of 16. The most common reasons for seeking evaluation are:

Cognitive Ability Certification (for any legal use).

Evaluation of specific mental and cognitive functions for the purpose of designing an appropriate therapeutic or supportive framework if necessary.

The satisfaction of people’s inherent curiosity to discover how their brain works and to explore their cognitive and intellectual abilities.

The administration takes place in a safe environment of absolute confidentiality and the results are given in a sealed envelope to the person concerned, after a session where the findings are presented and discussed in detail.

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