Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

A couple is created through the decision of two people to share their lives and expresses man’s deepest need for close, intimate relationships. The couple’s life together begins full of desires, expectations, dreams and fears that are to a significant extent related to childhood experiences, the relationship with parents, which form the basis, the “template” of all close interpersonal relationships.

In the course of the relationship, the daily routine of the couple’s life together highlights the differences and many of the expectations are frustrated. At this stage the couple is called upon to find a new “balance” and through this process the relationship deepens and enriches.

However, many times intense conflicts arise, gaps in communication and dead-end situations are created which can be repetitive and thus increase the feeling of hopelessness.

In couples therapy, the way the partners contact and interact with each other becomes the focus. The therapist facilitates the couple members to get in touch with their feelings, to acknowledge and share them. They learn how they participate and shape the couple’s life together while maintaining their diversity. To share, maintaining their mental autonomy.

Couples therapy, is useful even for couples who have decided to separate as it can help the partners to achieve closure, and gain a knowledge from the experience that is absolutely useful for their new beginning.

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