Adolescent Department

Adolescent Department

Adolescent Therapy

We know that being a teenager is not easy. It is a transitional period characterized by constant changes, both physical and mental.

Conflicts with parents, difficulties in friendships, anxiety about school, Panhellenic exams, preparation for adulthood…

These are just a few of the difficulties you may face…

Did you know that while over 50% of mental disorders have onset by the age of 14, most of the time they go undiagnosed? 1/6 people with a mental disorder are between the ages of 10 and 19. You are not alone!

We welcome you in a modern and friendly space, adapted to your needs. On this page you will gradually find more information about mental health issues.

At the same time, our multidisciplinary team is here to offer personalised and comprehensive support to you and your family, following evidence-based interventions.

In our office, we provide assessment services, individual psychotherapy and parent counseling.

Support for Parents of Adolescents

We know that adolescence is characterised by intense physical and mental changes. During this period, balances are disrupted, relationships are rebuilt and boundaries are redefined.

In this whirlwind of change, difficulties often arise that affect not only the teenager but also the whole family.

Vima Koino offers a comprehensive system of support services based on scientifically based interventions.

In a space that offers comprehensive adult mental health services, we build a bridge, welcoming parents and teens into a modern and appropriately designed space to take the long and difficult step into adulthood together.

In our space you can find the following services:

  • Adolescent assessment
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Parental counselling

Adolescent Group

The group is open to teenagers aged 13-17 who are experiencing stress in any area and for any reason.

The experienced staff of our centre, under the coordination of Eleni Apostolidou, will train you in stress management strategies.

The teen group will take place every Monday from October to December and will run for 12 sessions.

Useful Q&A

How do I know this is for me?

If you feel that stress is limiting you from achieving your goals, or enjoying activities you enjoy, then this group is for you.

"I get so anxious before every test that I end up not even going to write," "I wish I could go to parties with my friends," "I get embarrassed and anxious when I'm in large groups," "I never raise my hand in class, even if I know the answer," are just a few of the difficulties reported by teens who participated in the group.

I get anxious at the thought of the group; I am shy:

It's understandable that sharing your difficulties with the team makes you anxious. But by making a start, you'll find that most people share common struggles and the group is a safe space for expression. Most teens who joined the group overcame the initial anxiety about the group within the first 2-3 sessions.

Which treatment model is applied?

This group is based on low intensity cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. The content to be discussed has been developed by the Anna Freud Centre and King's College London. This intervention is based on evidence-based approaches and aims to provide early intervention for adolescents with low to moderate anxiety.

What do I do if I want to join?

We make an appointment to introduce ourselves and discuss whether the group is suitable for the issues you are concerned about.

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